DIGIRYD is a pioneer and market leader in the Indian Electric Two-Wheeler industry. We believe in offering an ecological 2-wheeler solution to our consumers, which above all else, gives our customers excellent value for money. DIGIRYD scooties are with ‘Zero Pollution’ it is environmentally conscious, socially responsible and professionally ethical in its business operations.Digiryd is proven by the name itself . We are focusing more on keeping planet green and health.

With innovation being our main motive our idea is to bring something new to the market . It will cost you nothing but a easy life . Also, our vehicles are perfect for every day use as they are inexpensive and require very little maintenance. Our latest addition is the Sheldon where you can cover 75 km with just four hours of charge. We are focusing towards embracing our designs and patterns to give you more comfort level.We are trying our best for greener future.Digiryd is one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers.

Digiryd scooties looks great, has superb dynamics, and comes loaded to the brim with features and technology still retains its fun-to-ride character, and that alone more than makes up for recommending it as a performance-oriented scooter that scores right up there with the best available . The extra features, riding modes, just make it that much more appealing to the new-generation scooter buyer.

Clients Reviews

client reviews

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