Electric Scooty Manufacturers

Electric Scooty

DIGIRYD is one of the top electric scooty manufacturers. We’re engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading and exporting eco-friendly, zero-emission electric Scooty in India that are pocket-friendly and require low-maintenance while also meeting Indian standards.

Plus, our electric scooters are featured to put no harms to the Mother Nature by ensuring a healthy, pollution-free environment. At DIGIRYD, we pride ourselves on our excellent service, which is provided by our well-trained and experienced staff.

Features of Electric Scooty

  • No need for petrol
  • No licence or insurance
  • No noise & no vibration
  • Very low service/maintenance
  • No pollution & heavy duty body
  • Alloy wheels, disc brakes
  • Remote key, anti-theft alarm
  • swappable battery & mobile USB charger
  • Tubeless tyres, Reverse gear

Advantages of Electric Scooty

The electric scooters manufactured by DIGIRYD are a great, cost-effective way to get around the city.  No doubt, petrol prices constantly on the rise. Opt for these electric vehicles that are a great alternative and don’t break the bank. They’re perfect for you and your family.

Fast battery charge makes the scooty even more convenient. Electric vehicle are the perfect for those who want to buy an affordable option with low-cost maintenance. Being one of the leading electric scooty manufacturers, we design the vehicles with a unique design that is perfect for riders of all ages. Without any doubt, everyone in your family will love DIGIRYD electric scooty, even your grandfather. These vehicles are very comfortable and easy to rise even for senior citizen.


DIGIRYD has cultivated a significantly advanced manufacturing establishment. To design our offered vehicles as per the business described guidelines and standards, our manufacturing unit is equipped with all of the modern and advanced machines, devices, equipment and tools.

To manage all our business tasks, we have a team of experienced specialists. With the consistent assistance and gave tries of our delegates, we have had the choice to achieve our predefined goals and targets.

  • 100+ venders across India with focal point of 150 touch centers
  • DIGIRYD helps client while picking, buying and experiencing an Electric Scooter.
  • Along with an unprecedented after bargains organization making it a supportive choice for the client.

Visit your nearest DIGIRYD electric bike dealership today and book your favourite EV.