Top Electric Two Wheeler Suppliers

DIGIRYD is a reputable company that manufactures Top Electric Two Wheeler . We have transitioned from a small company to one of the best Top Electric Two Wheeler Suppliers, Manufacturers in Delhi. Quality is essential to us! As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we make electric vehicles based on both lead acid as well as lithium battery technology.

The electric two wheeler manufactured and supplied by DIGIRYD are with ‘Zero Pollution.’ We focus on eco-friendly and professionally ethical in our business operations with an aim to keep the planet green and healthy.  Our whole team operates under the belief that quality, service, and performance are the three major pillars of our electric scooters. This is what makes our electric scooters the best of the best. 

Salient Features of Our Electric Two Wheeler

  • 1. No noise and zero emissions are guaranteed.
  • 2. Long-lasting and comfortable seat
  • 3. Appropriate for all-terrain
  • 4. Multiple color variants
  • 5. Detachable battery
  • 6. Alloy wheels and long-lasting Li batteries
  • 7. Best riding range with a full charge
  • 8. High torque motors offer the best customer ride experience.

Also, DIGIRYD scooties are ideal for daily use as they are available on a budget and require low maintenance. Just charge for four hours, and it will cover 75 km of distance. In addition, charge your vehicle anywhere and anytime.

If you or someone known is looking for cost savings in transportation, looking to cut out petrol or diesel cost, public transport cost, and even parking fees, then choosing the DIGIRYD EV scooty is the best decision.

Being one of the best Electric Two Wheeler , DIGIRYD designs Electric scooters that perfection ensuring the utmost comfort to riders. Our engineers make use of cutting-edge technology to let the vehicle offer the utmost stability on Indian roads. A sleek front design with an energetic look is a plus.

Bring DIGIRYD electric scooty, Electric Two Wheeler and enjoy a seamless uninterrupted riding experience. These battery-operated scooters will provide you with enjoyable and efficient rides.

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